Background Music

Background Music

Over the past few years,Background Music Services has evolved considerably, with providers offering advanced features as customized programming to suit each customer's unique brand, timed/by-store programming and near real-time messaging options.

Background Music Services provide businesses with audio/music solutions. Most providers offer digital music through a host of web-based management tools and deliver the content via the Internet and satellite communications

Background Music services allow Operator to build their in-store experience through music and create targeted advertising and promotions while on hold. Category Tags / Keywords: background music, elevator music, in-store music, retail, on-hold music, music for my store, business music, corporate music, jukebox, in-store messaging, in-store advertising, audio advertising


  • Content agnostic: Support all content type.
  • Automatic Device Detection:-The platform has automatic device detection capability. The platform will show only those contents which are supported by the subscribers device.
  • Time to Market: - CMS has the feature that the time gap for change reflection is very less or minimal.
  • Technology and Reporting: - Platform has the ability to generate reports on the basis of different parameters defined by the administrator.
  • Device library and device profiling capability
  • DRM Management (Forward Lock, Combined Delivery and Separate Delivery).
  • Content Provider management.
  • Web portal for subscriber to discover contents
  • Promote Price and Protect Content
  • Carrier-Grade Performance and Scalability
  • Open and Configurable Interfaces
  • Subscriber & Device Management