Missed Call Alert

Miss Call Alert

Subscribers sometime may lose calls due to various reasons like, network connectivity issue, mobile switched off due to business or personal reasons. Over Here subscriber or consumer may miss out important call and also mobile operator is losing revenues through lost calls. mobiShastra innovative Miss Call platform handle it very smoothly enhancing Telco`s revenue. We offer Miss called notifications over USSD, SMS and IVR.

Now your customer will never miss an important call, even if they intentionally switch off phone.


Approximate 35% off of calls attempts get missed - passing this information to the subscribers can help in enhancing revenues to a large extent.

For Mobile Operators:

  • New subscription service, which is a must have utility for the consumer
  • User can retrieve information over SMS, USSD and IVR

For Consumers:

  • Will never miss any important calls.
  • If they have missed MCA update by mistake, they can still retrieve it.