International Mobile Roaming Solutions

Roaming Solutions

mobiShastra Roaming Manager improves the interworking with networks of other Telco`s or networks of same Telco in a different circle and thus increase operator's roaming revenue streams and subscriber satisfaction. mobiShastra Roaming Manger Platform has many solutions that can be offered on the basis a mobile operator's requirement. We offer true, seamless, intelligent roaming and it's features enables subscribers to feel that they are always in their home network.

Key Features:

  • Subscribers can call and send SMS across roaming networks
  • Helps Subscribers Recharge or transfer talk time
  • No need to prefix country codes or other codes while dialing in home location.
  • Accessing Short codes services of home network
  • Accessing USSD services of home network
  • Roaming Steering (Preferred Network)
  • Welcome Notification to Roamers will greet your subscribers traveling and will provide them all information they need, including applicable rates in the visited country / circle.