SMSC Gateway

SMSC / SMSC Gateway

There is tremendous increase in SMS traffic in last few years, thanks to growing subscribers and more and more enterprises are going mobile. Operators are facing increasing pressure to deliver SMS faster, Our SMS Gateway is highly scalable.

Our SMS platform is deployed by leading Telco`s and Govt orgainzation and we are proven our capability of handling huge traffic. Some of the key features of our SMSC are mentioned below:

  • Highly Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Priority Routing
  • 2 WAY SMS Enabler
  • WAP Push Proxy Gateway (PPG)
  • OTA Provisioning Gateway With Device Management
  • E-Mail to SMS or MMS Gateway
  • Same SMS Gateway to handle both A2P and P2P traffic, opening new revenue stream for the Telco`s
  • Advance Spam Filter

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