Phone Answering Service

Virtual Receptionist - Smart Jenny

Who is SmartJenny?

SmartJenny is your personal 24X7 virtual receptionist, she is smart dynamic and workaholic. She can handle you all incoming calls transfer them to respective departments / person anywhere in the world. SmartJenny is hosted business phone system ideal for Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Websites, mid and small scale business.

Any one calling your office will be warmly greeted by SmartJenny with a message customized specially for you / your company and can select extension set by you to speak with concerned person or she can leave a voicemail or accept a Fax on your behalf and also organize and manage a concal with customers and internal employees. She works 24X7X365, thus you will never miss a call and a customer.

Moreover, SmartJenny can help in saving huge cost over of Salaries, Hardware, Telecom Lines (ISDN, PRI), Fax machine, Voice Mail et al.

The real benefit of SmartJenny is the flexibility. She will take messages if you know you'll be tied up in meetings, or don't want to be bothered by unnecessary calls. You can also divert your mobile calls to her number Straight away; SmartJenny can manage your calls in your company name following the brief you provide.

With no requirements for long-term contracts, you can adapt the service to suit your business requirements.SmartJenny will certainly please you.

Features / Advantages of SmartJenny:

  • SmartJenny helps in establishing brand image, IVR and other features gives look and feel of a big and professionally managed organization Thus boosting faith and confidence of your customers in your venture
  • Incoming calls are forwarded to your Mobile or Landline numbers.
  • If one number is busy, the next programmed number is called.
  • Detailed MIS of all the numbers who called you – So you never lose a call or a business lead. You will get detailed call logs with date, time of call, caller id and duration of call and forwarded number.
  • Never busy and always available. Voice Mail recording if your phone is not reachable.
  • Ability to set your work hours – after work hours your customers are sent to Voice Mail or calls routed to different number anywhere in the world.
  • Completely over the cloud, No setup cost or hardware is required, your SmartJenny can be up and working within 72 hours of sign up.
  • Unique Local Phone Number of your city / country.
  • Multiple county specific phone numbers if you have business in multiple cities / states / countries.
  • You can avail Long Code / Toll Free Numbers
  • Professional Welcome Message in multiple language
  • SmartJenny Is capable of recording live call, you can have quality checks in place and a eye on agents / sales executive performance.
  • Track your expenses; you limit your daily / weekly and monthly expenses.

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