Mobishastra empowers operator with the smart IVR system capable enough to handle huge volumes efficiently.IVR allows customers to interact with a company's host system via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which they can service their own inquiries by following the IVR dialogue. IVR systems can respond with prerecorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct users on how to proceed. IVR applications can be used to control almost any function where the interface can be broken down into a series of simple interactions. IVR systems deployed in the network are sized to handle large call volumes.

Outbound calling

IVR systems can be used for outbound calls, as IVR systems are more intelligent than many predictive dialer systems, and can use Call Progress Detection to recognize different line conditions

Features and Benefits:

  • Live Call Transfer Capability
  • Voice Recording Services
  • Payment Processing Services
  • Voicemail to Email Delivery
  • Outbound Call Status Reporting
  • Automated Past Due Notices
  • Automated Bill Collection
  • Automated Outbound Dialing
  • Automated Lead Generator

Inbound calling

Mobishastra's Inbound Dialer are far more efficient then regular IVR as it is built on number filtering system, which reduces unwanted traffic cues.

Other uses

Other common IVR services include:

  • registration; mobile purchases, such as ring tones and logos
  • balance, payments, transfers, transaction history
  • serivce promotion and announcements
  • interactive IVR, where multiple options are required
  • Weather forecasts, water, road and ice conditions