What is a Missed Call Solution?

The origin of missed call marketing is based on the way people in the industry communicate. Brands have been cashing in on this by customizing the response to a simple missed call. A missed call can be followed by an SMS, another call, or a combination of the two.

Benefits of Missed Call Solution

Enhance leads by a significant percentage to increase campaign effectiveness,
irrespective of the size of the organization.

Increase Lead Generation
Increase Lead

Ensure faster quality lead
acquisition by receiving
prospect details in real-time
for engagement.

Expand Market Reach
Expand Market

Broaden brand awareness
during promotional periods
by launching missed call SMS

Missed Call Services for Opt-ins
Missed Call Services
for Opt-ins

Seek customer confirmation on specific services, product interests efficiently for opt-ins to avoid legal issues.

Launch Outbound Calling Campaigns
Outbound Calling Campaigns

Combine missed call solution with outbound calling solution processed through targeted
messages to customers.

Enhance Interactivity for Campaigns
Enhance Interactivity
for Campaigns

Gather customer feedback, while also calling them back to share product insights and new launch information.

Easy CRM Integration
Very Easy CRM Integration

Integrate missed call solution
with any leading CRM software
to automatically incorporate
customer data.

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Features of Missed Call Solution

Here are a few important benefits which is best for your Business Growth

Easy Scalability

Answer every customer call with the IVR’s multi-level menu to establish immediate interaction with your customer.

User-friendly Web Portal

Integrate your social media missed call campaigns and send automated messages to the leads.

Live Call Monitoring Dashboard

Expand your customer base by enabling toll-free miss call numbers to boost your marketing campaigns.

Round the Clock Support

Any calls received on the missed call number gets updated with real-time alerts to never miss a customer call.

No Setup Required

Track call center performance and caller trends, through end-to-end monitoring, to drive valuable business insights.

CRM Integrations

The calls automatically gets disconnected after a ring and the agent can call back instantly.

Trusted by over 6000+ organizations across 65 countries

Today we are trusted by over 6000+ businesses across 65+ countries and are the leading cloud communication provider in emerging markets serving across multiple industrial verticals. We have a globally recognized name with 300+ employees offering our clients unprecedented reliability and intelligence by enabling business communication through voice, video, AI, and messaging through our platform.