Mobishastra customers can now register sender IDs through the console, removing the need to submit a ticket with the Mobishastra Support Team. We are one of the first CPaaS provider to offer registration in the web portal.

Businesses can use sender IDs to show on someone’s phone who sent an SMS message. By default, the sender ID is set to the sender’s phone number, but businesses can register an alphanumeric sender ID like the company’s name or service — something marketing teams love to do. Some countries require businesses to have sender IDs. Find out which countries support sender IDs, as well as their registration requirements.

You can register a sender ID by visiting Sender Registeration > Sender ID Registration on the Mobishastra Web Panel and then filling out the registration form. You can also track the status of your sender ID registration on the console, without needing to check email.

sender id

There are two types of registration for sender IDs.
Easy Scalability
Dynamic Sender IDs:

This process does not require pre-registration. Customers can instantly provision a sender ID in 109 countries. In this, you can send anything as your Sender ID without the need of registering the Sender IDs'.

User-friendly Web Portal
Pre Registration:

For this registration customers need to provide the information and additional documents to validate their sender ID. This process varies depending on the country of registration. on the country of registration.

What Are The Associated Costs?

There’s no additional charge for using an alphanumeric sender ID in most countries. However, for some countries that require preregistration, there may be charges such as one-time setup fees or recurring monthly fees.

What are the benefits of having a sender ID?

Companies that use a sender ID as part of their marketing strategy typically achieve higher open rates and improved brand recognition. A unique sender ID instantly connects with your recipients, as it’s the first thing they see upon receiving a SMS. When a customer receives a message from a random number, they may dismiss that message. A sender ID gives the sender more legitimacy.

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