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MobiShastra has developed the SMS through Excel plug-in which allows you to send SMS directly from an excel sheet to your customers regarding any product or service for a variety of purposes. You can send bulk SMS in a very fast manner via excel plug-in for sending bulk SMS. From simple promotional SMS to customized payment reminders you can use it for a variety of purposes.

It is a very convenient method of sending SMS to thousands of customers in a very organized manner. It acts as a common platform where you have details and contact numbers of the customers and all you have to do is just draft a new SMS and forward it to the customers.

Excel plugin provides you the operational convenience in staying connected with your customers. Thus our SMS Plug-in can be directly integrated with Microsoft Excel.

If a college wants to send the results of the recently held examinations to the parents, it can send personalized bulk SMS by mentioning the name of each Student, his/her marks in each subject, total percentage achieved for each and every student.

Sample Message: “Dear Mr. Gupta, your son Sanjay’s class 7th 1st Semester result. Eng=75, Math=88, Science=91, Soc. Science=71 Percentage=77.5%”.

Excel Plugin For Quick Messages, Send SMS using Excel Plugin

So now we will understand how you can actually get connected to your customers via Excel plugin SMS service. On the installation of Excel plug-in for sending SMS, A new toolbar will be added to the Excel plug-in application form where you can send SMS in a bulk amount about any product or service. It can be used for multiple purposes like marketing, promotions, sales etc.

SMS Excel Plugin, Send Bulk SMS using Excel Plugin