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Sender ID is a set of characters that represents the identity of a sender. A sender ID can have numbers, alphabets or can even be alphanumeric. It is used to identify who is sending the message to recipient.

A Sender ID SMS can have short codes or long codes as well. So, instead of the message coming from a mobile number which is not feasible as well as professional, you can choose your company name, campaign name or even a SC or LC. Thus by using a Sender ID, your customers will immediately recognize who the SMS text message is from.

The length varies from country to country. Like in UAE the sender ID can of 11 character alphanumeric for transactional while 8 for promotional with a prefix of AD-, while India has 6 characters in it. It also varies in case of promotional and transactional SMS for a few countries like Saudi Arabia.

Sender ID Registration, Short Code


It gives a unique identity to all the users, thus you can identify a user by just looking at its user id.

The chances to increase the open rate of any messages increase by using an apt sender id.

Sending Bulk SMS with Sender ID is great for reinforcing your brand’s name in the customer’s mind. This is an effective way of doing marketing also.

Bulk SMS with sender id will give the message a more premium and professional look.


When you receive a text message from a sender with a sender id rather than a number the people are generally more inclined to trust it.

No Extra Charge for a Sender

Almost all countries except a few like Kuwait, the Sender ID can be registered for free.

Long Code, Alphanumeric Sender
Easy and Quick Activation

With proper sender id registration document, you can get the sender ids registered in 1-3 working days

Dynamic Sender, Sender ID For SMS