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Missed call alert service is one kind of service that gives you notification of the missed calls in case you have missed the call. The missed call service uses SMS to inform the receiver about the calls missed when they are not reachable and some information has to be delivered whilst they were not reachable, it intimates the person who is calling once they are reachable.

It also helps the user to control the number of users to which the missed call notification is sent thus you get an idea to how many people your information has been delivered effectively and efficiently and it can be monitored at the same time. The concept of missed calls has redefined the usage of the telephone over the past decade.

It acts as a tremendously helpful and powerful tool for the users as well as the operators. One of the best advantages of missed call service is that they use SMS to notify the user about the missed call thus an internet connection is not required. It is a cost-effective, easy, convenient and fast method to notify the user about the missed call about any product service or any other information.

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It increases the call completion rate and enhances the revenue as well by using this platform of missed call alert service. Thus a large number of companies and organizations make use of this service for various purposes sending marketing, sales, promotion missed call alert, etc.

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One more advantage of this service is that it also enables you to get real-time miscall notification on your registered email. It helps you to get past data visibility i.e. you can view your past data anytime in your dashboard.


It is also integrated with other services like SMS, e-mail, web panel, etc. By making use of a web-based panel you can check the status of a missed call and you can operate it from anywhere. Thus it enhances the user experience of the customers.